Quadrokopter with camera (Quelle: Wikimedia Commons Minihubschrauber.jpg)

The progress in the field of electronics, electric motors and batteries allows the construction of ever more powerful and less expensive unmanned aerial vehicles. Highly complex control systems are freely available as modular building blocks and allow control of these systems with little prior knowledge, completely autonomous operation modes are possible. These drones are equipped with cameras and wireless transmission, so they are suitable for monitoring and spying on people and private property.

Simple drones with cameras are already available as construction sets at a lower price as 100 - EUR. Higher priced models up to military drones provide a simplified control, longer flight times, higher radio range, better cameras up to cameras with night vision capabilities.

Protection of your property There are several ways for protection against espionage by drones. Detection is the basis of a localization. The presence of a drone can be detected on the radio signals or noise emissions. After that follows the identification of position, speed, size and type of aircraft. If the object is identified as a spy drone, then different actions can be performed:

  • Glare of the camera: In this variant a powerful beam of light is sent to the drone, glaring the camera.
  • Disruption of the video transmission: a slightly higher video signal is sent on the determined radio frequency of the drone, to prevent the transmission of camera images to the receiver.
  • Disturbance of the control: If the drone is remote-controlled , then the control signal can be disturbed by superimposing a stronger signal.

The different methods require a precise identification of a detected aircraft, to prevent the glare of civil transport helicopters and planes. Moreover, the actions should not be directed against military drones or drone of government agencies (eg investigators) or emergency services (eg fire department). Therefore, the determination of the type of aircraft and the its way are important criteria used to decide whether action is taken.

The various laws of the countries in the location must be observed. This involves laws regarding the airspace and the use of frequency bands.

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